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Announcing Home Appliance Catalog

Seattle, WA – Allied Commerce Inc., a Washington based technology company today announced the addition of a Home Appliance Product Catalog to their enterprise ECommerce platform. Since its introduction in 2010, the Allied Commerce™ platform has enabled resellers of Digital Content, Books, Information Technology products, Consumer Electronics and Professional Imaging products to automate the operation of their ECommerce solutions by leveraging an integrated set of applications to handle catalog management, product search, order management, payment processing,  order fulfillment and inventory tracking.

The addition of the Home Appliance Product Catalog now brings tried and tested enterprise automation capabilities to ECommerce resellers who stock home appliance products. For a home appliance reseller, the process of putting together an ECommerce solution now becomes a matter of selecting a product data feed and then choosing the set of automated services they would like to deploy.  A reseller can choose to deploy the full repertoire of services or they can select only those services needed to complement their existing ECommerce infrastructure.

In addition to rapidly  deploying a ready to go product feed for Home Appliances that includes product attributes, technical specifications, distributor pricing, images & rich media content, cross-sell and up-sell linking, the reseller is also able to add custom products to the catalog and define custom pricing and inventory rules  for some or all of the products in the catalog.

By employing a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, the applications that make up the Allied Commerce platform can be deployed rapidly and also be scaled dynamically to respond to changing demands.  The Allied Commerce emphasis on sensible automation is coupled with detailed monitoring and reporting functionality to provide real-time insight into all aspects of an Ecommerce operation.

With the release of the Home Appliance Product Catalog in the second quarter of 2013, Allied Commerce is on track to release additional catalogs in the fourth quarter of 2013, to include Telecommunication products, Office Machines, and Furniture product catalogs. Also slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2013 is the website that will feature a set of mobile apps that will bring native user experience to shoppers who primarily use mobile devices for online shopping.

About Allied Commerce™  

Allied Commerce Inc., a Washington State corporation, is a provider of ECommerce automation solutions geared towards medium to large ECommerce resellers.  The integrated set of applications that make up the Allied Commerce platform can be leveraged individually or as a whole to produce a best-in-class solution that can be easily configured to adapt to changing business requirements. At Allied Commerce, we believe that resellers should be able to put together a robust ECommerce solution that suits their specific requirements, rather than have to adapt their business to operate within a rigid framework.  For more information about the Allied Commerce Platform, please visit


Allied Commerce Platform

The Allied Commerce platform is composed of an integrated set of applications that perform specific functions and can be deployed separately or as a whole. The primary applications that make up the Allied Commerce platform are:

Shopping Cart

Leverage a robust shopping cart that provides a consistent and easy to use experience on desktops, mobile devices and tablets. Take advantage of advanced cart features such as Cart saving, Quantity Discounts, Promotions, Wish lists and Gift lists.


Being able to quickly and reliable locate a desired product is a central requirement for any E-Commerce platform. Allied Commerce™ features robust search, filter and cross reference functionality that makes finding products a breeze.

Mobile Access

An ever increasing percentage of E-Commerce purchases are done via mobile and tablet devices. With Allied Commerce, you can rest assured that customers will be presented with a consistent and easy to use experience regardless of the device they choose to use.


The Allied Commerce™ Platform was built from the ground up with security as a primary consideration. Every component of the Allied Commerce™ Platform is audited continuously to ensure data integrity is always maintained.

Cloud Computing

By virtue of being deployed on the Amazon Cloud infrastructure, the Allied Commerce™ platform is able dynamically scale and adapt to changing requirements. Deploying on the cloud also means that server infrastructure can be provisioned in the geographic region that is closest to the target audience.